Apple copies North Korea and builds a mini-internet

Apple-New-North-Korea1Fruity cargo cult Apple has had enough of the real world and is going to mirror a scheme by its role model Kim Jong-un and build another internet.

The big idea is that it will keep those locked within the Apple walled garden of delights away from Google’s advertising and search engine. It will also mean that Apple can control exactly what its users see and believe.

This has the advantage that Apple will only serve up pages which tell you good things about Apple so you will never find out for example that the iWatch is doing badly, and no one wants Tablets.

You will still get most of your regular news broadcasts of course, because most of them write what Apple wants anyway.

It is not the sort of walled garden that North Korea uses. Basically Apple’s iOS 9 has an add ‘in-app search’ functionality via Spotlight and Siri, effectively turning the content ecosphere within installed apps into a mini-internet where the main players will fight for ‘rank’ away from the otherwise ubiquitous eyes of Google. The new functionality will not track users.

Apple announced the glorious plan at the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco this week, to cheers from the developer community.

The feature will also be available in Apple’s desktop OS upgrade.

The search method is copied, er similar similar to Google’s much hated PageRank system, which Google have downplayed where an indexing algorithm assigns value to content on the basis of the frequency and/or quality of the sources linking to it or accessing it.

Finally the index will also take in links from the ‘main internet’ via the Web Markup feature, which permits admins to create informational connectivity between their apps and the web. Effectively this will permit Apple OS users to search for information in Safari and open In-App results natively, in context of the app itself.