Apple can’t interest developers in its watch

iType SmartwatchFruity cargo cult Apple can’t find key developers who are interested in writing code for its iWatch, indicating that the technology is dead in the water.

Even the New York Times  which normally sings Apple’s praises against all reason has admitted that few are interested in supporting the idea.

Apple managers courted Facebook in the hopes that the social networking giant would make a software application for the new gadget, and Facebook made its excuses and left.

Adam Mosseri, who oversees Facebook’s news feed, said the social network had been studying the Apple Watch but had not figured out how to deliver a good Facebook experience. The screen was too small to be worthwhile.

Other app makers like Snapchat and Google also have few if any apps for Apple Watch. There are 7,400 apps for the iWatch which sounds a lot but it really isn’t. The number is also not growing fast enough either.

Analysts estimated that Apple sold three million to five million watches for the quarter which is far lower than the 10 million which were predicted. Some analysts even claimed 80 million for the year,
Evan Spiegel, Snapchat’s chief executive, said he did not find the watch compelling.

“Why would you look at a small picture when you can look at a large one on your phone?” Mr. Spiegel said, adding that he preferred to focus on improving Snapchat — an app made for sharing images and videos — for other platforms. A Snapchat spokeswoman said the company had no additional comment on the watch.

Google, which has invested in its smartwatch platform called Android Wear, could use the Apple device as another hook to its services, like Gmail. Yet though Google offers a news and weather app for the watch, its more prominent mobile services, like Google Maps and Gmail, are missing from the catalogue