Apple can’t get its watch to run on time

 Apple watchApple has some problems with its watchOS 2 update and has delayed its planned rollout.

The big watchOS 2 update was supposed to bring some big improvements to Apple Watch, including an improved Siri, native apps, third-party complications, and new watch faces.

According to  the  watchOS has some problems which are taking longer than expected to fix.  It was supposed to be out yesterday but those wearing the Apple Watch will have to endure the existing OS wait a bit longer.

Jobs’ Mob has confirmed that it has discovered a bug in development of watchOS 2 and the roll out will happen  shortly.

Apple’s iWatch has been a huge disappointment since it was released and most users are hardly using it for anything other than telling the time. It had been hoped that updating the watch would make it a little more acceptable to those who paid a fortune to own it, and perhaps improve battery life.

The iOS 9 update for iPhones and iPads is not affected and it should be rolling out to supported devices.