Anonymous takes down IS twitter accounts

anonHacker collective Anonymous has taken down more than 3,800 Twitter accounts linked to the Islamic State death cult.

The hacktivism outift declared war on the Islamic State on Monday after the Paris atrocities One day after declaring war on ISIS members, Anonymous has already managed to have an effect. It created an official Twitter account for the whole #OpParis operation, and a new website to centralise all IS accounts.

Besides scanning for IS Twitter accounts themselves, the hacking group has also opened access to the site to those interested. Anyone who comes across IS social media accounts can easily search the database and report any new accounts and supporters.

The website is called #opIceISIS and will index IS members based on their real name, location, picture, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts.

This is the second time Anonymous attacked IS. The first time was after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, earlier this year, during operation #OpISIS. That time, the group managed to take down tens of thousands of accounts.

With over 3,800 just on the first day, the group seems more determined this time around to finally put an end to the terrorist group at least on Twitter.

The Ghost Security Group, another secret hacking group, revealed that it traced Bitcoin wallets holding more than $3 million back to known IS members.

With Anonymous’ most recent additions of known ISIS members to their database, law enforcement agencies and other hacking groups might be able to track down more accounts and hinder the terrorists’ activities.