Android does not play nice with IPv6

ANDROIDBusinesses and developers are worried that Android is unable to cope with IPv6.

While the rest of the world is moving to support DHCPv6 including Windows, OS X, iOS, and most of the Linux distributions, Google is sitting on its hands.

Writing in his bog, Google developer and noted IPv6 authority Lorenzo Colliti claims that the reasons for the lack of DHCPv6 implementation is that it might break legacy apps that rely on IPv4 and force developers to adopt IPv6 network address translation (with negative app performance consequences).

At the same time DHCPv6 address assignment imposes these disadvantages on users, but doesn’t actually seem to provide any advantages to users, he wrote.

However that is hacking off many business users who want to move to IPv6 but can’t because many of their mobile users are on Android.

It is also starting to backfire on Google because DHCPv6 is so important to companies that they are bar Android devices that can’t use the system from corporate networks by their legal departments.

Legal requirements for identifying the sources of traffic, including the DMCA, made DHCPv6 crucially important.

All this is having a knock on effect on the development of BYOD because many of the devices that are using this tech are android based.