Amazon lets punters build apps on its cloud

AmazonAmazon’s cloud business, Amazon Web Services, has launched a service to help customers build applications to connect devices through the cloud.

It is all part of the “Internet of Things” idea which has put the cloud in a central place in developers’ thinking.

The service, called “AWS IoT”, will allow factory floors, vehicles, health care systems, household appliances among other “things” to connect through cloud services, a spokesAmazon said.

Amazon’s Chief Technology Officer Werner Vogels said at a company event in Las Vegas that the beta version of the service is now available,

The connection to the cloud will be fast and lightweight, making it a good fit for devices that have limited memory, processing power, or battery life, Amazon said.

Technology firms including Google, Intel, Cisco, Samsung  and Vodafone and Verizon are betting heavily on the relatively new technology to drive revenue and profit in the future. However they really need a cloud system behind it all to make it go.

Microsoft also launched an IoT suite last week.

Amazon said  there were no minimum fees for AWS IoT and customers using the service will have to only pay for what they use.

The prices will be determined on the number of messages, defined by Amazon as a 512-byte block of data, exchanged between devices and AWS IoT.

Amazon said it would offer customers 250,000 free messages per month, for 12 months. Prices start at $5 for every million messages, the company said.

Fortune reported on Monday that Amazon planned to announce a cloud-based service for the “Internet of Things”.