Amazon boss crows over re-usable rocket

Jeff Bezos, Amazon - pic Wikimedia CommonsThe CEO of Amazon said that his space company Blue Origin has safely recovered a rocket marking a first in space exploration.

Jeff Bezos said today that the spacecraft called New Shepard reached asn altitude of 100 kilometers and then safely floated back to earth.

The feat is important because of the high cost of building rockets – if they can be used more than once it cuts the costs of space exploration.

Bezos, who is rich beyond the dreams of avarice, said that managing to re-use rockets changes the nature of space exploration. Blue Origin is believed to be readying a re-launch soon of the same rocket.

Bezos’ company isn’t the only one experimenting with re-useable rockets. Elon Musk also has a space company called SpaceX which is aiming to do the same as Blue Origin.