All-in-one PC sales show a fall

IBM PCAll-in-one PCs were a great hope for PC vendors as the traditional desktop market fell, but a report suggests that sales are set to fall this year.

According to Digitimes Research (DR) only 13 million units will ship tgis year, a decline of 3.9 percent compared to 2014.

DR said that sales are expected to be flat in 2016 or even fall by around half percent.

If all-in-one PCs are included as overall desktop shipments however, they account for 10.5 percent of the total.

Lenovo was top of the pile this year, with Apple taking second place and with both vendors holding 60 percent of the total shipments.

Third, fourth and fifth are HP, Dell, and Acer.

The machines are mostly manufactured by Taiwanese original design manufacturers – the usual suspects like Quanta, Wistron, Compal and others supply 90.1 percent of the machines to the brand name vendors.