Airport security is dumping ground for orphan laptops

orphansMore than 70 people left their laptops security checkpoints at Newark Liberty International Airport last month.

The TSA shared a snap of more than 70 unclaimed computers just sitting on a shelf all lonely, waiting to be claimed since October, at that one airport alone. What is weird is that no one claimed them, even though they knew that was the only logical place they could have left them.

Looking at the snap there are a rather large number of shiny MacBooks in that pile, which can cost in the $2,000 range new. However, it is possible that the business person realising that the MacBook really is pants for business has just taken the opportunity to leave it on someone else’s door step and get a proper computer instead.

The Tame Apple Press is  questioning how it is possible to leave a MacBook, which is so expensive and essential in an airport, and then failing to claim it for a full month. “We would never abandon you,” one “journalist” wrote.

Airport security is the ideal place to abandon an unwanted laptop. Your company will assume that if you never get it back it is simply because of some byzantine TSA security law and just issue you a new one without thinking. It also means that you don’t have to answer any questions about the laptop contents before you get on the plane.