Adobe boosts Creative Cloud

Adobe HQ - Wikimedia CommonsSoftware firm Adobe said that it has released the 2015 version of its Creative Cloud tools and services, describing it as a milestone.

The release updates Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, Premiere Pro CC and InDesign CC as well as proving mobile apps for both the iOS and Android operating systems

Adobe also said it has introduced a better Creative Cloud product aimed at enterprises and that includes security, collaboration and publishing services for businesses and large organisations.

Adobe said that what links every app together is its CreativeSync technology that links files, photographs, fonts, vector graphics, metadata and other settings.

Photoshop CC brings Artboards to the party, that allows designers to use a single Photoshop document and preview them on a device.

Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC have also been equipped with a Dehaze function, that gets rid of fog and haze from photos.

Adobe claims that Illustrator CC is now 10 times faster than CS6.

For smartphones and tablets, Adobe has released Brush CC, Shape CC, Color CC and Photoshop Mix on Android, and has also updated many of its other Creative Cloud mobile apps.