8K TVs are the next big thing

old-school-tvWhile many people haven’t got 4K TV screens yet in Western Europe, the vendors are already moving on to the next big thing – 8K TV screens.

But 8K is a way off yet, because shipments haven’t really started yet. Manufacturers of displays are always anxious to sell their wares – hence the hype over 3D TVs which never really failed to take off, despite the hype.

A report from market research company IHS said 8K ultra high definition resolution TVs will only ship 2,700 this year, but by 2019 that figure may reach as many as 911,000.

The 8K screen represents 7680 x 4320 pixels and as you’d expect, you would need a huge scrren to take benefit of it. The smallest screen size will be 65 inches, and which IHS anticipates will represent 80 percent of 8K shipments in 2019.

The resolution is so great that 8K needs a very large screen because at normal viewing distances you can’t see the whol picutre.

IHS said the 2020 Olympics will see TV companies broadcasting 8K programmes. To cater for the hoped for demand, several companies are expected to open LCD fabrication plants in mainland China to churn out the panels.