4K TV sales blooming

old-school-tvShipments of LCD TVs are likely to top 216 million units this year, an annual decline compared to 2014, as we reported earlier this week.

Now, Trendforce, a Taiwanese market research company, predicts that next year won’t see much brightness with sales likely to be about 220 million units in 2016, a slight increase of 1.86 percent compared to 2015.

But Trendforce analysts say 4K TVs will represent 23 percent of the global market next year as prices will be affordable.

Screen sizes, the firm said, with become larger and high resolutions will become prevalent.

Already, TV sets with screen sizes of 50 inch and above represent 19.7 percent of total shipments.

Trendforce research manager Ricky Lin said that the global demand for LCD TVs are close to saturation.

However, Korean companies Samsung and LG Electronics still occupy the number one and number two positions.