2016 a bad year for tech celebs too

idbb_02_img0118While the world moaned about the surprise exit of so many celebs in 2016 it was a pretty rubbish year for tech celebs logging off too.

Most of them were pioneers but others wer important to the technology of humanity in general. For example David Balme, who was the royal navy bod resposible for capturing the the Nazi’s Enigma encryption device finally bought it.  Then there was Jane Fawcett who deciphered a crucial Enigma-encoded message during the war.
Erich Bloch who developed the first IBM mainframe and Intel CEO Andy Grove.
Ray Tomlinson, the inventor of email pressed send, and John Ellenby, who invented the laptop clamed up for the last time. Bill Campbell the brains behind Apple’s Steve Jobs, Google’s Larry Page, and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos stopped giving his sage advice.
John Glenn the first American to orbit the earth took off for the last time. Joe Sutter the main who gave us the 747 jumbo jet departed. Bob Ebeling, who warned that the Challenger space shuttle could explode went the way of Kassandra. Vera Rubinm, who confirmed the existance of Dark Matter has stepped into the light.
It was game over for Jory K. Prum, who scored 120 video games and the final edition for David Bunnell who founded more computer mags than you could point a stick at.
Finally our very own Tone the Phone, Tony Dennis, the pioneering reporter who covered mobile phones before anyone else went to the snug in the great Hart and Gartner in the sky.
Yeah it was a pretty shit year for technology too.  Their like will never be seen again.