Don’t look at that email when you wake up

tdy-120702-smartphone-work.photoblog600Checking your email on your smartphone after you wake up is a bad way to start the day, according to a woman who studies happiness for a living.

Michelle Gielan, former national CBS News anchor turned psychology researcher and best-selling author said that reading just one negative email could lead you to report having a bad day hours later.

“Even if you have one good and one bad email, the bad always seem more powerful,” Gielan says in a recent episode of “The Productivityist Podcast.” Reading negative news has the same effect,.

Gielan suggests that before you check your email or the news, put yourself in the right frame of mind by taking two minutes to draft a positive email to someone in your social support network.

Thank a friend or family member for their support, or praise a colleague on their recent work, she suggests.  After you send your upbeat email, move on to your regular routine of checking your work email or the news.

That two-minute message primes your brain to see everything in a more positive light.

“It will change how you process your day and how you process your email at 2 o’clock in the afternoon,” she says.

Odd that she fails to mention our method.  If you start the day with bacon.  We can’t prove this of course, we need to conduct a scientific study. We never turn on our email in the morning. The Goddess does but she just goes through her shopping adverts and they don’t depress her at all. After all there are bags and pants to be liberated from evil online shopping companies and it starts the day with a sense of mission.