Theil heads to Middle Earth to escape the Mordor of Trump’s America

new zealand After helping getting Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump elected, one of the Silicon Valley oligarchs is trying to escape the coming Apocalypse.

Despite being on Trump’s transition committee, Theil does not appear to think that Trump will “make America Great Again” and is trying to buy up land in Middle Earth, er New Zealand, the country famous for its health service and belief in battling climate change.

The New Zealand Herald is reporting that Peter Thiel has applied for New Zealand citizenship. The revelation only came after the newspaper started to investigate a 477-acre property that Thiel had bought in 2015. The newspaper was wondering why Thiel hadn’t got official approval to buy the property under foreign ownership laws.

Apparently, he didn’t need to because he was just as much a Kiwi as Nick Farrell.

Thiel currently serves on President Donald Trump’s transition team appears to have joined some other Silicon Valley tech giants setting up apocalypse homes in New Zealand fearing a Trump presidency will destroy the United States in some fashion.

But New Zealand isn’t the only place where the mega rich are setting up shop for life and leisure. Steve Wozniak gained residency in nearby Australia in 2014. His wife is Australian, and he’s said that he likes the idea of being able to “die an Australian.

In the week following President Trump’s election, a whopping 13,401 Americans applied for residency in New Zealand—a full 17 times the normal rate.