Samung’s brand undamaged by Note 7 fiasco

samsung-galaxy-note-5The global recall of Galaxy Note 7 smartphones has not hurt US consumers’ willingness to buy Samsung products, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll.

Of course, opinion polls are not considered accurate these days but it is nice to know a survey has suggested that Samsung is still OK.  It revealed that Samsung smartphone users were as loyal to their brand as Apple customers, only without the psychological need to evangelise.

Those who knew about the recall were as interested in Samsung phones as those who did not.

Among those aware of the recall, 27 percent would first consider a Samsung smartphone if they were to shop for a phone, the poll showed. Among those who did not know about the recall, 25 percent would look first at a Samsung device.

The poll found that Samsung’s customers were fiercely loyal to their brand. Some 91 percent of current Samsung users would likely buy another Samsung smartphone, and 92 percent of current users would probably buy another Samsung product in general.

There is a similar brand loyalty among current iPhone owners –  92 percent would likely buy another iPhone and 89 percent would likely buy another Apple product.

So basically it looks like the Samsung recall was a problem which existed in the mind of the Tame Apple Press and not in reality.

Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research said the recall was mostly limited to early adopters rather than the majority of Samsung’s customer base, which limited negative user experiences.

“Your own personal experience trumps what you read and what people tell you,” Dawson said.

Samsung has said that customers chose another Samsung model as a replacement for the Note 7 in many instances, without giving more detail. It has said nearly 85 percent of the recalled Note 7 devices had been replaced or returned through its refund and exchange program as of Nov. 4.