Pink iPhone turkey switches itself off

pink-turkeyThe pink “iPhone 6S” is turning out to be a real turkey and packed full of bugs… er features.

The latest bug is one which turns off the phone for no apparent reason.

Owners have been reporting that the iPhones are turning off randomly when left alone . It happens when the phones have a ton of battery life and no particular reason to switch off.

This odd behavior has been talked about on reddit and the official Apple Support Communities. “New Phone 6s 128GB turned off for no reason the last two nights,” wrote Joachim Frey in an Apple discussion thread. “In the morning you then have to push the power-on button for a long time to get it started.”

“I’ve had my phone since Friday and it has powered off/refused to come out of sleep at least once a day since,” added Todd Sizemore. “I set mine up from scratch so I at least know its not a problem stemming from an iCloud backup.”

There have been a few problems with the phone running a little hot too. The Home/Touch ID button on the iPhones felt hot when experiencing the power-off issues and that it takes a longer than expected amount of time to awake the iPhone from its deep sleep.

Apple has not said anything about the problem. Those who do contact Apple support are being told to bring their iPhones in to have them looked at. We guess after a few months Jobs Mob will pretend that the problem only affects a “ small number of users”.

There have been a number of bug reports associated with the phone, but it is not clear if these are caused by the phone or the equally buggy new operating system..

Reporting of the problem in the Tame Apple Press is about what you would expect. A small mention of the problem with a cut and paste advert for the iPhone slapped in high up the story.