Microsoft tightens hold on Android

vader-chokeSoftware giant Microsoft has tightened its ligature on the throat of Android by making a deal with Qisda.

For those who came in late, Microsoft makes a huge pile of money from Android by owning some of the key patents behind the operating system.

If a phone maker issues an Android phone, it has to pay Microsoft for some of its patented technology. This is a big percentage, some say that a couple of bucks from the sale price will go to the Redmond Volehill.

Now Microsoft has increased its number of patent licensing agreements, by signing a deal with Qisda.

The deal is a worldwide patent licensing agreement that provides broad coverage under Microsoft’s patent portfolio for an array of Qisda and BenQ devices, including smartphones and tablets, running the Android and Chrome operating systems.

Nick Psyhogeos, vice president and executive director of Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC said in a statement that the agreement demonstrates the power of licensing to accelerate innovation.

“It will provide Qisda with greater patent protection as it brings new devices to market. With this agreement, Microsoft has now entered into patent licensing collaboration agreements with nearly all the top Taiwanese original device manufacturers (ODMs). We are pleased that companies around the world continue to see the value of our patent portfolio, and view mutual respect for patents as an important element of building broader business partnerships”.

In other words Qisda has paid money to Microsoft to go away and will give Vole shedloads of cash if its product is successful. How that helps Qisda’s innovation we are uncertain.

The rationale seems to be similar to the beliefs of those who felt that the Kray twins were good for London’s East End. If you are troubled by little trolls, you pay off a big troll to make sure they are too frightened to bother you. We would have thought innovation worked best in a troll free environment.