Kyocera invites you to swim with your phone

Kyocera WaveKyocera said it has introduced a waterproof 4G LTE Android phone – the Hydro Wave.

It’s not clear if and when it will be available in Europe, but Kyocera said the $150 phone is also drop proof and “impact resistant”.

The phone will cost $150 in America, and be initially sold through T-Mobile shops from today.

The device as a five inch screen and Kyocera claims that water damage and dropped phones are top of the list of causes of smartphone disasters.

The company claimed the Wave will survive showers or even total immersion for up to 30 minutes a metre of water – better still, you can use the phone while it’s still wet.

The shock proofing comforms to the US military 810G certification and it’s also got a dustproof rating too.

The phone also has a five megapixel camera that can capture 720p HD video, and stereo Bluetooth.

It uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip.