IPhone make-overs are apparently a thing in China

lipstick-on-a-pig-1Fruity tax-dodging cargo cult Apple is facing a huge problem with its Chinese sales – not only are the Chinese not interested in its products, they are actually using common sense to avoid an expensive upgrade.

Chinese iPhone owners are giving their old models a makeover to look like the latest iPhone 7, rather than buying new.

Online sites offer shoppers makeover kits, false cameras and even dust plugs to hide the removed headphone jack to give their iPhone 6 or 6S the appearance of the iPhone 7.

Apparently, the Chinese think that the iPhone 7 doesn’t have enough new features to convince them to trade up, but it is worth looking like you have money to spend to do it.

Searches on platforms including Alibaba’s Taobao showed a range of products to transform older phones to an iPhone 7 – from stickers and engraving services to replacing the outer casing and hardware.

Apparently the iPhone 4 is the best used iPhone out there because it is more durable than the later incarnations.  Tarting up the phones show that really Apple has made sod all difference to the thing over the years.

Hopes that Apple might convert a few Samsung users behind the bamboo curtain after the Note 7 fiasco have also been dashed.  As one Chinese bloke told Rueters: “It is better to have a phone that explodes than an iPhone 7 which lacks any innovation.”