Facebook can lead to car crashes

AT&T's It can wait campaignAT&T surveyed 2,067 people in the USA and found nearly four in 10 people use social media while they’re driving.

And, worse than that, three in 10 people surf the net while they’re driving while one in 10 use video chat.

Overall, the AT&T survey showed seven out of 10 people use their smartphone while they’re at the wheel and while texting and emailing continue to be the most prevalent, 25 percent of the people surveyed use Facebook. And one in seven use Twitter.

AT&T wants people to be aware that such distractions can cause serious road accidents. It said that Twitter will work with AT&T to deliver messages about how dangerous it is to use smartphones on the road.

AT&T said it is cooperating with transport departments in various states in the USA to reduce crashes caused by smartphone driving abuse.