Commodore phone in trademark war

commodore-2It seems that the Italian bloke who wanted to release a Commodore phone might be in a little hot water with people who own the trademark.

Italian Massimo Canigiani declared himself as the new owner of the Commodore trademark. His newly established British based “Commodore Business Machines Ltd.” was going to sell Commodore Smartphones to retro enthusiasts.

It now appears that Canigiani didn’t actually acquire the existing trademark, he simply tried to have a new one registered. The application is available publicly in the European trademark database but now it is listed as “application opposed”.

The opposing party is the dutch C= Holdings, the current owner of the original Commodore trademark. The company has announced the intention to defend its rights “vigorously”.

“C=Holdings  announces that it has not granted any rights to CBM for making use of the COMMODORE trademark, nor that C=Holdings has any involvement in the development and marketing of its products.”

Meanwhile Cloanto, which owns most software released by Commodore and Amiga , has issued a press release, stating that Canigiani is not in a position to include software emulations of old Commodore computers with his smartphone since he does not have a license for the required firmware.

Paolo Besser, of Commodore Business Machines (CBM) tells us that Cloanto’s position about its emulators does not matter at all, since the Commodore Pet smartphone does not use an Amiga ROM file.

He said CBM was proudly using a open source replacement from the AROS project and there is no PET computer emulator anywhere as it would have been pointless.

He added: “Cloanto didn’t give CBM any satisfactory answers when we asked them for more information about the copyrights “on everything Commodore made before 1985″ it claimed to own.”

In a statement CBM CEO Massimo Canigiani said that the the company said that it is waiting for further explanations from the relevant authorities about C=Holding’s claim

“Commodore Business Machines wishes to confirm that it is in no way affiliated or related to C=Holding, and confirms to be the only legitimate owner of the figurative brand Commodore in its business sector (smartphones),” Canigiani said.

“Commodore Business Machines LTD wishes to assure to its Customers, Partners, media and fans that all the ongoing activities will regularly proceed as planned, and they will not suffer any variation or delay due to this circumstance,” Canigiani added.