Another Tizen arrives in India

Samsung-Z1Samsung is to start peddling its third smartphone powered by the company’s own Tizen mobile operating system in India next week.

The operating system which sounds like a sneeze is being used by Samsung to break free from Google’s iron grip.  As yet the company has not been keen to try it out on more developed markets but it has been able to improve margins in developing countries.

The Z2 phone, equipped with a 4-inch screen and India-specific features such as a safety mode for motorcyclists, will be the cheapest Tizen phone Samsung has launched and costs $68.44.

The phone, the first Tizen-powered device that will run on 4G networks, will start selling in India in a week.

Samsung is getting addicted to Tizen and uses it on tellies, home appliances and wearable products to enable the devices to communicate with each other and phones via the internet.

It is mostly being seen in India and Bangladesh, where many potential customers are still first-time buyers looking for a cheap device and do not necessarily need a big library of apps.  Tizen’s weakness is that it lacks the number of Android Apps.