ZTE signs 5G deal with Softbank

ZTE, Softbank dealChinese phone manufacturer ZTE said it has signed a memorandum of understand with Japanese giant Softbank for joint research and development on 5G networks.

ZTE has technology called Pre5G which includes multiple input, multiple outlet (MIMO) technology. The two companies have already worked together including ultra dense networks and multi user shared access.

ZTE said MIMO base stations are able to support over 100 antenna elements and give higher space division multiplexing gains than traditional eight antenna base stations.

Softbank believes this technology will define standards for future mobile internet communications.

ZTE said that it already has formed alliances with other partners around the world on 5G research and wants to build a system based on open collaboration.

Softbank already has ambitions to dominate a future 5G network and said it will be the industry leader worldwide.