ZTE ready to take on HTC and the rest

ZTE thinks it can sell 12 million mobile devices in 2011 through its “Smart Terminal” strategy.

It wants to tackle the high-end market and establish itself as a strong brand, particularly in the US, Europe, Latin America and China where it is already rather successful.

HTC told us it isn’t worried about ZTE, but the high quality branded market is exactly where it plans to take aim. It will expand its range of devices and wants to head into the top three tablet provider list by the end of 2011, while it wants to sit in the top five peddler of Android devices by the end of the year, too.

ZTE plans to head into the cloud, much like everyone else, meaning it’ll join the growing ranks of companies with their feet firmly off the ground. It wants to product plan around consumers and attack the high-value segment instead of simply going after affordable smartphones. 

Of course, it wants to approach the 3G and 4G standards in all of its products, including in the ZTE V9 Plus which will sit as part of the ZTE Light series, a tablet which runs with 4G as standard. ZTE benefits both ways as it also flogs infrastructure necessary for 4G networks. 

It has been doing quite well for itself lately.