ZTE expects to double sales in 2012

ZTE continues on its path towards world domination. Industry watchers agree it’s in a position to succeed, and the company has just been beating its chest with bravado for 2012.

The company believes it will double its sales by the year’s end, as it expects to increase its market share in Europe, the USA, Brazil and Japan. ZTE is already carrying out an aggressive marketing push, seeking sponsorships to raise its consumer brand profile across the world. It may be relatively unknown to the consumer compared to companies like Apple or Samsung, but ZTE is intent on fixing that – as it zoomed past Cupertino to become the world’s fourth largest handset manufacturer. 

A company spokesperson pointed out to Bloomberg that smart terminal sales rose by five times last year, exceeding 12 million units.

ZTE believes that the US will become the most lucrative market for smartphones and tablets by 2015, beating even China which made up 35 percent of its sales for most of 2011. 

As the patterns shift, moneybags execs must be rubbing their palms together in anticipation. ZTE is the biggest handset player in China, and it has unwaivering confidence in its ability to take on the rest of the world, as it slowly has been for years now. It has been plain sailing in services.

Even weakened profits were put aside by company execs, explaining away any unappealing books as merely a side-effect of its aggressive and ambitious sales campaign.

In the end, ZTE’s competition may not be in the established phone brands – but from its rival from native China, Huawei, which is embarking on similar plans.