ZTE creeps into European market with launch of its first branded phones

ZTE has announced it will launch two smartphones under its own brand, for the first time, in the European market – the ZTE Link and the ZTE Cute will both be sold in France by Bouygues Télécom.

The ZTE Link, available via a package  from Bouygues Télécom, is a touchscreen handset which comes with an 8GB MicroSD card for storing all your bits and bobs. It runs on Google’s Android platform and has a 2.8 inch screen that allows for 4/3 high resolution of 320×240 pixels. Its vital measurements are 105 x 55 x 14.5mm and weighs in at a reasonable 120g.

The ZTE Cute also runs with the touchscreen EDGE technology. It’s got a 2.8 inch, 16/9 screen and packs smartphone standards such as a two megapixel camera, 3G and bluetooth. It comes with a MicroSD 8GB card too and has an internal memory of 34 MB in addition to that.

ZTE has been building a presence for itself in the French market for two years now, achieving a six percent share of handsets sold in 2009. Its models are sold by French operators but this is the first time it has released handsets under its own branding. With its success so far, it will see what 2010 brings – and with a bit of luck increase its branding in the region.

A spokesperson for ZTE told us to “watch this space” in terms of dates for UK handsets. There are no confirmed dates yet but we wouldn’t be surprised if it creeped into the market in much the same way, before blowing up in 2011.


ZTE Cute:

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