ZTE continues mobile disruption plans

Chinese upstart ZTE has managed to ship 35 million handsets in the first half of 2011 alone, or a 30 percent boost on this time last year.

It’s another sign that ZTE is climbing up the ranks in popularity and becoming a real challenger in the western market.

We have seen ZTE grow phenomenally since it outlined its agressive sales pitch to us in London last year.

Although it hasn’t released a target for the quarter, we imagine it has passed the mark.

The more affordable ZTE Blade did well and flooded just under 50 different regions, it says. It remains popular in China, selling the most Android smartphones – though it faces competition from Huawei both at home and in the West.

The growth rate for the handset business, ZTE claims, sits at over 20 percent. 2010 was a good year for ZTE, too, with total sales volumes boosted fifty percent over the previous year. 

It won’t be enough for the ZTE top brass, who plan to continue the aggressive sales, shipment and partnership push until its smartphones conquer the market. 

Meanwhile, ZTE is still running infrastructure development so that not only does the world and its dog have a ZTE device, they’ll be running on ZTE wireless, too.