Your baby wants an iPad, says Nielsen

Beancounters working for Nielson claim that kids aged between six to 12 want an iPad.

It has done a survey and asked them what electronic gear they would like to see Santa bring them.

Among kids ages six to 12, Jobs’ Mob’s keyboardless netbook outranked the Nintendo DS, iPod Touch, Sony PlayStation Portable, and larger gaming systems such as the PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

Nielsen’s corporate blog said that with Black Friday approaching, parents may want to get up early Friday morning to find deals.

Or maybe they want to teach their kids that life is not about providing them with every useless gadget they want. Maybe they should sit down and point out the value of consumer discrimination. Too much to hope for, apparently.

If parents do what their children tell them, they will be buying iPads by the bucketload during the Black Friday sales.

About a third of kids age six to 12 expressed interest in owning an iPad within the next six months, leading the survey.

Another third wanted an iPod Touch and a quarter wanted a Nintendo DS.

Among kids older than 13, one in five wanted a smartphone within the next six months, followed by the iPad at 18 percent, Blu-Ray player at 17 percent, e-reader and Nintendo Wii at a respective 15 percent, PlayStation 3 at 13 percent, and iPod Touch at 11 percent.

What is a little disappointing for Microsoft is that only 14 percent of kids between six and 12 expressed interest in Microsoft’s Kinect hands-free games controller. Only eight percent of teens wanted one.

Microsoft is pouring millions into marketing the Kinect, however most of the marketing seems to be based around a game where you stroke a tiger and most teens would like something a bit more violent. 

Still if you are the sort of family who gives a kid the most expensive gear on the market simply because they wanted it, you really deserve the sort of spoilt brat you have got.