Ye Booke of Medfield


1. In the beginning there was ARM and the ARM was with God and the ARM was all over the place. For it was written that whosoever should hold a chip in their phone should have an ARM within it, for without an ARM, thou shalt suffer from an ATOM and an ATOM was verily a chocolate teapot when it cometh to mobile. 2. And the people of In-Tel did hateth going unto Barcelona for they were much mocked. For the people at the mobile show did say until them: “Thou art the makers of that ATOM chip, let us stone thee for thy electricity hogging design and speed”. 3. And the people of In-Tel spaketh to their King Ortellini and did say “Let us maketh a chip that at least has a fair chance in the mobile market. For we are verily pisseth off at getting grief at Barcelona and our people of sales cannot score with the señoritas of Spain for they have to floggeth such dismal chips.” 4. And King Ortellini did retire unto his dark cave with the Witches of Endore and the designers from the Hellish regions and did summon dark demons to aid the children of In-Tel. Yea he called forth beings so evil that they made Intel’s lawyers likened unto Saints. 5. And after the babies had been sacrificed, there was a terrible flashing fire which burned like a Toshiba laptop in the darkness, and lo from the void cameth a voice, and from the voice there cameth a chip and Ortellini did name it Medfield which was a place associated with much witchcraft and Indian massacres. 6. And lo, did Orange and Lenovo sell their souls unto Medfield and did taketh the Children of In-Tel’s reference designs unto their hearts. 7. And the sales people of In-Tel did taketh the Medfield unto Barcelona and their people of sales did approach the señoritas of Spain and did score with them and were much pleased. 8. But the Children of ARM did look unto the Chip and sayeth, “Yea this chip is not bad, but is it not like we were making a few years ago, yea unto two generations before.” 9. And the tribe of Qualcomm did spake and point out that by the time that Orange and Lenovo gotteth the reference handsets out, it would be out of date by many years. 10. “Who are these demons which the children of In-Tel did summon to make unto this chip, for it was really not worth the bat’s wings and the eye of newt,” they did say. 11. However, what they kneweth not was that the demon who made the Medfield, knew another darker demon who was out of town at the time. And when he came back, Intel would have a bigger and darker demon ready for the mobile market, which was thinner and smaller than ARM had.