Yahoo kills mobile news bid

Troubled search engine outfit Yahoo has killed off a successful mobile news app six months after it was supposed to be the great white hope. .

Yahoo has decided to call it quits on one of the biggest bits of their mobile package a personalised magazine app for iPad, called Livestand.

Yahoo’s Livestand Team wrote on the company bog that it had decided to discontinue or consolidate a number of products across Yahoo!’s technology platforms over the course of 2012.

Apparently this platform consolidation lets it put many Yahoo! properties onto common key platforms and technologies to “make everything more scalable and nimble”.

So, it is not so much a discontinued product but a “focus on new opportunities”

Livestand was a little odd to kill off. It had a four star rating among Apple fanboys.

But Yahoo said that it had previously committed itself to shelf what’s not working and has already killed 10 different mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry devices.

The blog said Yahoo had learned a lot from Livestand and are actively applying those insights toward the development of future products that are better aligned with Yahoo!’s “holistic mobile” strategy.

We are not sure what a holistic mobile strategy is. We think it involves taking poison in microscopic doses. Yahoo has been chugging poison faster than a Jim Jones devotee with a desire to impress the boss.

Yahoo has not killed some of the applications annnounced back on Nov. 2, such as IntoNow, Yahoo’s social TV app for the iPad, or the new mobile platform called Cocktails.