Yahoo and Nokia team up for maps, mail, IM, and more

Nokia and Yahoo have today announced that they are joining forces to bring Mail, IM, Maps, and Navigation to millions worldwide, as a direct competition to the likes of Google.

The alliance was confirmed by Carol Bartz, CEO of Yahoo, and Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, President and CEO of Nokia,  at a press conference today..

The deal means that Nokia will be the exclusive, global provider of Yahoo maps and navigation , integrating Ovi Maps with Yahoo services, which will now be branded as “powered by Ovi”. Yahoo will become the exclusive provider of Nokia’s Ovi Mail and Ovi Chat services branded as “Ovi Mail/Ovi Chat powered by Yahoo!” They plan to integrate both services to such an extent that a user will only need a single login to access them all.

They also promised that this will be only the beginning, with new developers being roped in to work on new products to add to the existing line.

Unfortunately the new alliance did not seem to get off to a very good start, with many complaints coming in from people trying to view the press conference online or trying to find more details from the press offices.

A number of Mac Hacks reported that they could not view the press conference, even after downloading the required plugins.

Meanwhile Keith Dyer, the editor of Mobile Europe, made the following comment on his Twitter page: “Nokia’s press desk is closed. “So there’s no-one taking enquiries?” “No because it’s closed.” Clearly not that big a deal, then.” Nokia has clearly decided that the Apple guide to PR is the way forward.

As TechEye staff watched the press conference it was announced that a Q&A session would follow, the stream abruply cut off and never returned. We’re not saying it’s some sort of a conspiracy, but we kind of are, a little bit. It seems that Yahoo and Nokia really don’t want people to ask any questions about the new deal, like, for example, how they hope to compete with the big boys like Google.

Nokia is a big player when it comes to mobile technology, but it seems unlikely to us that Yahoo can up its chances of making Ovi a dominant service in the applications market. With Apple and Google racing ahead, and with Google Maps by far the biggest contender, it seems that this alliance could be a little too late in the day to steal any significant market share.

The duo hopes to bring in a share of the new services in by the end of the year, with full availability in 2011.