Woz tells Apple to make Android phones

In a move that will make him appear as a Judas Iscariot to the fruit themed cargo cult which he founded, engineering genius and all round good bloke Steve Wozniak has told Apple it should make an Android Phone.

According to InfoWorld, Woz said that there’s nothing to keep Apple out of the Android market as a secondary phone market.

He said that an Android offering could supplement Apple’s own iOS platform. While this might be a good idea, Woz acknowledged that Android was the “anti-iPhone” alternative to Apple.

Putting his comments in context, Woz was lamenting the fate of the other iPhone rival Blackberry. He said that BlackBerry should have built an Android phone. “BlackBerry’s very sad for me,” Wozniak moaned. “I think it’s probably too late now” for an Android-based BlackBerry phone.

However he said that Apple could do so, too. The company had some lucky victories in the marketplace in the past decade, such as the iPhone and the iPad. “A whole new category of product doesn’t happen very often.”

Of course, this is heresy. An Apple fanboy would tell you that luck had nothing to do with Apple’s success; it was all down to the genius of Steve Jobs.

Woz was reserved when it came to Apple CEO Tim Cook. He said that Apple under Cook needs more time.