Woz is not buying the new iPad

Gadget mad Apple co-founder and all round nice bloke Steve Wozniak said he is not buying Apple’s new iPad Air.

According to Business Insider, Woz is always looking at gadgets, but he really could not see anything he needed when it came to the iPad Air.

He said that the killer thing that was missing was that the Air did not have enough storage.

He said that he does not have broadband at home, and can’t get great broadband connections in hotels. This means that all Woz’s favourite tunes and episodes of Big Bank Theory are stored on his iPad.

Woz said that he was hoping Apple would make a 256GB iPad so he could put every episode of Big Bang Theory on it. He emailed Mrs Woz and  she said he didn’t want one.

We expect to see Woz attacked by the provisional wing of the Apple cult for not staying true to Jobs’ vision of buying everything the company makes even if it is not useful.