Woz hates Apple versus Samsung "wars"

 Apple co-founder Steve “Dancing Queen” Wozniak has waded into the recent court decision which saw Jobs’ Mob win the rights to the rounded rectangle.

Apple was awarded more than $1 billion last month by a California jury that said Samsung copied the iPhone’s design. Samsung said it will appeal.

But when asked about the patent fights between Apple and Samsung, Woz told Bloomberg that he hated the whole thing.

Apple was formed by Woz’s engineering brains and Steve Jobs’ marketing ability, so Woz knows how important it is for engineering ideas to flow patent free.

This sets him at odds with the new management of Apple which seems to think that it should be suing everyone for stealing patents instead of coming up with new ideas.

Recently Apple sued a Polish fruit seller for having a website which had the letter A followed by the suffix for Poland. Thus according to Jobs’ Mob laywers had stolen the name A.pl.

Woz does not think that the decision of the American court to fine Samsung will hold up.

He said that not only did he disagree with it, but the court awarded patent rights to Apple for a very small things he does not think are innovative.

Woz said that the only way forward in the current patent wars is for everyone to just agree to exchange all the patents and everybody can build the best forms they want to use everybody’s technologies.

However with Apple losing ground to Samsung and other Android phones, it is looking like the only way it can protect its market share is in the courts.