Woz got an Apple engineer fired

The paranoid Apple machine apparently fired an engineer for showing its former founder and dancing queen  a prototype iPad for two minutes.

Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, told Wired that on the morning of the iPad launch, an engineer showed him an iPad for two minutes. For this he was fired.

Woz’s claim seems to highlight the paranoid climate of secrecy that exists at Jobs’ Mob.

He spent two minutes with numbers on this iPad, trying some stunts he had seen on Apple’s website demo video. He was not told that it was a 3G model and he didn’t know that. He was told that this engineer had to wait until midnight to show it outside of Apple’s secure area.

The strange thing is that Woz is still an Apple employee and yet he was getting another employee into trouble by seeing it.

“My guess is that he was allowed to take the iPad outside of the secure area but still not supposed to show it, Woz told Wired.

When he told Steve Jobs about the matter on the night of the iPad introduction he said:  “so it’s no big deal.”

But the engineer still got fired and Woz was fairly sure that Apple HR told the engineer that it was because everyone that finds themselves  in the same situation gets fired.