Woz denies saying Android better than the iPhone

Apple co-founder and dancing queen Steve “Woz” Wozniak angered Apple fanboys when he was quoted in the Dutch paper De Telegraaf as saying that Android was better than the iPhone.

The quote said that “Android phones have more features,” which would help Google’s OS become the dominant smartphone platform.

The statement was greeted with wails of despair from Apple fanboys at Woz’s heresy and there were calls for him to be burnt at the stake for saying that anything was better than something fruity.

But, fortunately, Woz never said anything of the sort. He claimed that he gave the De Telegraaf reporter a lengthy demonstration of voice commands on iOS and Android.

He pointed out that Android offered the ability to say “Navigate to Joe’s Diner,” and suggested that Apple would catch up because it has bought Siri and Poly9.

Woz says he would “never” say that Android was better than iOS. “Almost every app I have is better on the iPhone.”

But it was not all orthodox comment. Woz did confess that Android would become more popular “based on what I’ve read.”

He expects Android “to be a lot like Windows.” He is not trying to put Android down, but he does not think it is a better OS than iOS.

“It can get greater marketshare and still be crappy,” he told Engadget .

These comments will be a great relief to Apple fanboys. Just as well that planned Cappuccino bombing of his house never took place. Still,  I would not want to be in the shoes of the De Telegraaf which, allegedly,  misquoted Woz. We would have thought that the offices of the rag will be picketed by angry black shirts waving their iPhones and demanding the editor be sacked. [You’re fired, Ed.]