Windows Phone 7 packed off to manufactures

Microsoft has packed off its last great hope for the mobile market off to the manufacturers.

According to Microsoft’s Terry Myerson, the release to manufacturing (RTM) of Windows Phone 7 was a big thing. While the final integration of Windows Phone 7 with partners’ hardware, software, and networks was underway, the work of our internal engineering team is largely complete.

He said that Windows Phone 7 is the most thoroughly tested mobile platform Microsoft has ever released.

He said that it had been run on ten thousand devices on automated tests daily, over a half million hours of active self-hosting use, over three and a half million hours of stress test passes, and eight and a half million hours of fully automated test passes.

“Microsoft has had thousands of independent software vendors and early adopters testing our software and giving us great feedback,” he said.

It is not surprising that Redmond has pulled out all the stops for the software. It is really its last chance to make itself a player in the mobile market before PalmOS gets any traction and Android starts to eclipse everyone.

Microsoft is widely seen as dropping the ball on the mobile market after being one of the leaders for years.

The release means that we should see gear with Windows Phone 7 on it in the shops before Christmas.