Windows Phone 7 machines in short supply

Microsoft hopes that its glorious new Windows Phone 7 phones would wipe out the fruity Apple cargo cult are being scuppered by a shortage of the shiny toys. We first reported that here.

According to the Seattlepi there is a world-wide shortage of Windows Phone 7 devices even before the gear goes on sale in the Land of the Free.

Orange does not have enough HTC 7 Mozart and the Samsung Omnia 7 to go around It it is starting to look at everyone was surprised by the huge early demand in Europe.

Apparently, the mobile outfit predicted stock shortages before the launch, warning retail managers in an e-mail recently published by Mobile Magazine. It is now offering a £20 voucher to customers who pre-order Windows Phone 7 devices.

Questions are being raised as to why manufacturers underestimated demand so much. Some theories are that Microsoft had been hit by a shortage of AMOLED screens which hit HTC and Samsung this summer.

IDC mobile analyst Will Stofega said that there are shortages of display, touch screens and the cameras. Apple and Nokia are having the same problems but they are established in the market.

However the timing could not be worse for the Imperium which really needs to get as many of the shiny toys into people’s pockets as soon as possible.

And the US launch comes at the opening of the holiday shopping season too. 

Our guess is that if there are not enough of them out there Steve Ballmer is going to have a quiet word with them, possibly followed by office furniture being placed in orbit.