White iPhone 4 is thicker

Apple has used the release of the new white iPhone 4 to sneak in a few changes to the design.

The new phone, which was released yesterday, is nearly a millimetre thicker than the black one. This means that those who owned a black one will have to buy a new case for it.

Apple has not told anyone about changing the size of the case, in fact in all the official material it says that the white one is the same thickness as the black one.

However, snaps have started to appear online  which show clearly that the white one is bigger. Like most stories the more amusing thing about the pictures is the comments at the bottom, where dedicated followers of Apple insist that the pictures must be fake because Steve did not tell them that the white iPhone would be thicker than the black one.

Others claim it is a storm in a tea-cup and who would need their old case to work with their new phone anyway.

The phone is probably thicker because it had to be made out of a material that did not fade or go yellow due to the heat that the iPhone 4 chucks off. It took Apple a year to come up with the idea of using thicker glass.

The iPhone 4 will be out-of-date soon when Jobs’ Mob releases the iPhone 5. Those who have bought the thicker white phone probably already owned a black one and will junk it for the new model when it comes out later this year.

Apple will probably be pleased to see the back of the iPhone 4 as it suffered from all sorts of glitches and required a rubber band to work.