We're all mobile cheapskates

It seems most Nokia handset owners are inveterate cheapskates. Over 0.5 million have downloaded SMS preview from Ovi for free, but only a handful appear to have paid the £3 for the Pro version.

While 776 people who downloaded the free version bothered to review the app, a mere 16 have deigned to do so the paid-for, Pro version.

TechEye is not quite sure that SMS Preview’s creator, Numo Solutions, has got its business model right by giving it away for free. Especially as it doesn’t seem to have any other Nokia/Ovi application benefitting from its good name.

Well, at least Nemo has the backing of Nokia which has just carried out a ‘text-shot’ and messaged all its subscribers about the joys of SMS Preview.  Nokia’s forlornly hoping that we’ll all get hooked and pay for some other app on Ovi. No chance.

What does SMS preview do? In a nutshell, it pops up a window the instant your handset reviews an incoming SMS/text and enables you to both read it and see who the sender is.

That’s actually very useful, as it means you don’t have to go to the bother of pressing any buttons (and unlocking the keypad in order to do so). Techeye would give Numo eight out of ten for effort on this one.

Incidentally, it’s not absolutely free. You might have to pay for the international text message it sends in order to ‘activate’ the app.