Wellington Boots can charge your phone

Orange is showing off a new phone-charging prototype which uses a pair of wellies to get juice.

Orange claims that Wellingtons, or as they are known down under,  “gumboots” powering up your mobile by using heat from the feet.

Everyone knows that if you walk a bit in Wellies your feet get a bit warm and Orange’s boots have a “power generating sole” that converts heat from the feet into electrical power to charge battery-powered handheld appliances.

The design was created in collaboration with renewable energy experts GotWind which would be another good method for powering your phone, if you have a high fibre diet.

The boots were being shown off at the Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts.

GotWind said the power is generated through something called the called the “Seebeck” effect. This is appropriate as Beck has been seen at Glastonbury a number of times.

According to the boffins, thermoelectric modules created from pairs of “p-type and n-type semiconductor materials” are located inside the power-generating sole.

They form thermocouples that are connected to other thermocouples and placed between two thin ceramic wafers.

Heat from the feet is applied to the top side of the water and cold is applied to the bottom side from the cold of the ground, causing electricity to be generated.

After about 12 hours you should produce enough power to charge a phone for an hour. If you get your feet hotter you should have more energy.