WeFi lets you aggregate your wi-fi sweetspots

WeFi Inc. has released an update of its Wi-Fi aggregation client WeFi for both laptops and netbooks running Windows and Android-based mobile devices.

WeFi collects Wi-Fi hotspots in a database and shows users all available WiFi networks in their area and automatically connects to them. Users of 3G data services will be especially happy about this, as they are able to switch from congested mobile networks to Wi-Fi hotspots.

The new version has added features such as showing if a hotspot is located in, for instance, a café, library, and if an access point is free, requires a password or a login via a homepage. Another new function called “Find WiFi” finds hotspots not only in range of the device, but also in the surrounding streets. Typing in an address will also reveal hotspots nearby.

“The beauty of what WeFi provides to its users is the high-level intelligence that allows them to locate, connect to, and stay connected to the fastest available Wi-Fi hotspot around, no matter where they are. Our newly enhanced software provides a number of upgraded features that gives the user an even greater awareness and control of where and when they want to connect,” commented WeFi’s CEO Zur Feldman on the new release.

WeFi so far has collected more than 56 million access points in its database. Users can find their peers, as well as edit and update information concerning the hotspots as well. A change of location can also be twittered. There’s a free download available from here.