Vodafone to offer cut price pay as you go iPhone 4

UK mobile network provider Vodafone is set to offer the broken Apple iPhone 4 a discounted a pay-as-you-go machine.


The price cut is not huge. You will be able to pick one up for £480, which is a £19 saving or £570, or a £29 saving on a 16GB machine.


But what is tempting for users is that Vodafone will offer of 12 months free data to anyone that buys a Vodafone locked iPhone 4 on PAYG. Of course the data is capped at 250 Mb but you do get an additional 1GB a month of free data across BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots.


Vodafone tells us that there are no minimum top-up requirements for the free data offer with users in fact not requiring a single penny of credit to make use of the complimentary allowances.


It looks a good deal and if it were for a proper smart phone which was not broken many might be tempted. It is not clear if Vodafone will offer pay as you go users a free rubber band, without which the iPhone 4 may drop connections.


A cynic would suggest that Vodafone has noticed that since it became clear that the iPhone 4 was broken only the more fanatical Apple fanboys in the UK have been buying it. 


Vodafone might also be a little miffed that Apple is still refusing to fix the iPhone 4, although rumours from the Far East suggest that Apple upgrades will drop the antanae on the outside design which broke the phone.


We don’t yet know which of Vodafone’s apps and bookmarks will come bundled with the phone whether you like it or not.