Vodafone to launch first Samsung Bada phone

It seems that Vodafone is the first operator to fall for Samsung’s charms given that it has just announced the Samsung Wave. This is apparently the very first handset to run on Samsung’s own Bada software platform.

Don’t get too excited because the handset hasn’t actually started shipping yet but if you visit the Vodafone UK site you can put your name down to be one of the first owners.

The major claim with Bada is that it allows owners to, “Adapt the phone to suit your requirements. Using the TouchWiz feature, for example, you can personalise multiple home screens with your favourite shortcuts and menus to get quicker access to the things you need most.”

TechEye hasn’t actually been very impressed by previous incarnations of the TouchWiz interface on Vodafone’s existing 360 handsets. But maybe this is better.

As an added bonus, however, you could potentially be the first to visit Samsung Apps, an online app store, dedicated to Bada handsets. It will apparently offer even more opportunities for users to customise their handsets.

Samsung says the Bada ‘Social Hub’ feature enable users to integrate SMS, IM plus their favourite social networks into on place. Additionally, Bada will support features such as Flash and in-app purchasing.

In-app purchasing? That will appeal to the likes of Vodafone but hardly persuade mobile phone users to defectt in their drives over from Android or Ithingey to Bada.

Samsung also points out that the Wave features a 3.3 inch Super AMOLED screen, and uses Samsung’s HD TV technology to deliver crisp, rich images. Is this some weird kind of hint that it will display the upcoming Footie championship with greater clarity?

Anyway it also has a “speedy 1GHz processor”. So now you know. More detail here Samsung Wave.