Vodafone throws its toys out of the pram

The telephone outfit which can’t spell the word “phone” is furious that Ofcom is allowing Everything Everywhere to launch 4G services by the end of this year.

Vodafone boss chief Guy Laurence accused the communications regulator of “taking leave of its senses” by allowing the nation’s biggest mobile operator to use its existing spectrum to deliver 4G services.

He claimed it was unfair that Ofcom “is all but agreeing to grant the largest player in the market a headstart on the next generation of mobile internet services.”

Talking to the Sunday Times, he said that Everything Everywhere would now ‘be free to bog down’ a forthcoming spectrum auction in endless litigation and prevent other operators from building faster networks.

Ofcom has pointed out that it expected Vodafone to throw its toys out of the pram, and moan like a girl however there is nothing to stop it doing the same thing if it wanted.

Vodafone has not been keen on the move to 4G as it hopes to make a little bit more cash out of 3G before the technology switches.