Vodafone furious at Ofcom

Ofcom has published a consultation report on Everything Everywhere’s 4G bid and it shows that Vodafone is really cross about it.

Everything Everywhere wants to launch its 4G service ahead of the competition in the UK by using its 1800MHz licence for LTE and WiMAX technologies.

Everything Everywhere claims that the early 4G roll out “would result in considerable benefits for citizens and consumers”.

Both Vodafone and Telefonica (the parent company of O2) have submitted responses to Ofcom’s proposed consultation. Vodafone said that it “strongly believes” that a competitive market in 4G services will bring long-lasting benefits to UK consumers.

It called for a full and fair spectrum auction as soon as possible, so that all operators can access the “necessary spectrum for 4G”.

Vodafone adds that Ofcom’s current consultation proposes to give an unjustifiable head start to the largest player which could seriously undermine competition in the UK market for many years to come.