Vodafone causes Android users to fume

HTC Legend users who are signed up to Vodafone might be a bit miffed at the telco’s antics.

They have been waiting for the outfit to push out Froyo and so watch every update like a hawk.

Froyo has been ready to be pushed out to the Legend for ages but Vodafone seems to be a mite slow. There was a huge forced update which turned out to be improvements to the telco’s branding, adding Vodafone apps and its own bookmarks. Hooray!

But the worst was yet to come. Yesterday Vodafone released a software update which promised a handful of improvements and enhanced features.

Unfortunately there was a bug with the way SMS messages were displayed which made SMS functionality hell on toast.

But it was not as if Vodafone was not aware that its software had a flaw. A similar bug had tipped up a week before in an HTC update. This update was not passed on to Vodaphone punters and that update was then pulled by the manufacturer.

So what seems to have happened is that Vodafone has released a new software update to HTC Legend customers that’s based on a version pulled because of bugs.

Redfaced Vodafone pulled this update this morning and no one has explained to these customers how to correct the issues or rollback to a previous version of the OS.

Some user forums are moaning that Vodafone does not know its arse from its elbow, but there has been no official comment from the telco yet.