Verizon stuffs up pure Google experience

Google’s cunning plan to release an Android phone which was “clean, set standards and lead the pack” has been stuffed up by its telecoms partner Verizon.

Google’s Nexus line was supposed to be the pure vision of what an Android phone should be and give HTC, Motorola and Samsung something to copy.

However it turns out that Verizon did not get the memo and prompty stuffed the phone with its own crapware, making it the same as every other phone out there.

According to Gizmodo, My Verizon Mobile and Backup Assistant are both included in the phone and while you think, “what are two crapware apps between friends” there are some users who feel that they only bought it because it was supposed to be a Googlephone.

Ice Cream Sandwich has a disable apps feature to kill the apps off, but the feeling is that Google should not have allowed its partner to do it.

Some users are worried that they will have to root their phone to get the gunk off.

As one user said, it is not a big deal yet, but will be: “This is supposed to be a pure Google phone, so if Verizon is loading their own apps onto it before you buy it, it’s no longer pure. This is how it starts. Then they’ll start loading other apps on to your phone and controlling more things about it.”