Verizon and Good Technology team to turn Android enterprise

Verizon and Good Technology have today announced a partnership to make Android devices enterprise-ready, further encroaching on RIM’s territory and potentially expanding Android’s market share considerably.

The two companies unveiled a new offering called “Good for Enterprise – Android”, which is aimed at providing business-grade security and full device management features for companies using Android devices.

The “Good for Enterprise – Android” product will focus on two key components: Good Mobile Control and Good Mobile Messaging. 

The former aims to providing device management and mobile security through over-the-air and on-device encryption of data, remote application password polices, and the ability to remotely wipe company data across the entire network.

The latter aims to deliver enterprise-class mobile email and personal information management, such as Calendar and Contacts, extending the services already available on most Android-based phones.

The deal combines these Good Technology products with Verizon’s mobile and wireless network to offer an enterprise service that can compete with other top brands like RIM’s BlackBerry, which has previously dominated the enterprise smartphone market.